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A data manager helps to find what is important

Single pieces of data are like seeds with potential to grow into large trees bearing fruit. In order to extract this knowledge and insight from them, we need to plant the right seeds into fertile ground and nurture them.

And this is what a data manager does, by employing various sources and databases, and building different models between them. This is how ripe fruit ends up on your table, ready for you to take and use to your advantage.

You know that data and knowing how to use it is important, but you’re not sure where to start?

Is this also true of your business?

Is your company’s data dispersed over different systems?

Do questions related to data need to be solved manually every time?

Is gathering the whole picture required to make decisions a time-consuming process?

Do you want to find some information from data, but not sure how?

Quick consultation

Working out a suitable data solution always starts with diagnostics.

The data manager’s vision of how data can create value for your company is borne out of three main questions, which we address during the consultation:

  • Which data are at your disposal and where are they located?
  • Which data could be useful for your business?
  • How might we go about picking out the necessary insights from your data?


After the initial diagnostics, we can propose the most suitable process and team to carry out the project designed with your company’s requirements in mind.

Temporary data manager for your company

Every business is unique. This is why standard solutions give you incomplete results. A competent data manager helps you to create an analysis solution based on the following:

  • Specific business case
  • Relevant data
  • The right tools
  • Specific skills
  • Clear process


In addition to one-off solutions, companies also need to develop a work culture that values data, to ensure data quality and to improve its employees’ data literacy.

You’re not sure where to start and how?

It is not strictly necessary to hire a data manager – our data manager service makes all the required skills and extensive expertise available as needed.

We provide support exactly where you lack the expertise and resources. We create a data strategy, lay out a step-by-step journey and train your key staff to use data on a daily basis.

A data strategy is your personal plan for turning seeds into a basketful of ripe fruit.

Creating and implementing a data strategy is not at all an IT-centric process; it involves all company levels and counterparts, which ensures that the implementation process has maximum efficiency throughout the company.

The more efficient use of data bears fruit in a number of ways:

  1. Improved productivity and faster recognition of competitive advantages
  2. Increased motivation and independence of employees
  3. Better understanding of connections between different business units and synergy
  4. Transparent, comprehensive and quick management decisions
  5. Time freed up from manual data collection and reporting

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