Microsoft business analytics

Microsoft products are the preferred choice for many companies when it comes to retrieving valuable information from their data.

Power BI’s rather simple user interface helps to analyse and visualise data, and it allows users with different access rights to independently create necessary reports and views. 

Azure is a cloud service that we use for creating data warehouses as well as analytics applications, testing and general administration.

Datafruit is an official partner of Microsoft’s business analytics solutions in Estonia.

Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure cloud services – consultations, implementation and trainings

We help you with configuration as well as training, making the adoption of the new solutions as quick and convenient as possible for your team. We show you how to use the platform to analyse and visualise data, and share the results with your entire organisation.

We configure the business metrics that matter most to your company and allow all different units to focus on the details that are important for them.

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