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Grapes are sour? But raisins are sweet.

Data solutions may seem complicated, if used incorrectly. To avoid this, we provide training courses to improve general data literacy, and on specific topics. The ability to use data independently can empower top managers as well as specialists in a narrow field.

Our training courses are conducted by true enthusiasts and practitioners in their field, whose knowledge base is not limited by theory.

We have delivered training courses to managers and specialists at the Environmental Board, Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Coop Bank, Omniva, Töötukassa, Environment Agency, The North-Estonia Medical Centre, Ministry of Finance, Enterprise Estonia, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group, ABC Supermarkets, Estonian Forensic Science Institute, Nordkalk and many other organisations.

To order a training course, you don’t have to be our client or order other services. 

Kristian Allikmaa

Data Engineer

“In today’s world, everyone must be able to quickly and simply analyse data that are relevant to them.”

Coach: Kristian Allikmaa

Datafruit co-founder Kristian has a master’s from Tallinn University of Technology (cum laude) and the National University of Singapore. He is one of the most experienced and competent experts in the field of data analytics.

The training courses below can be adapted to perfectly match your organisation’s needs.

Our training courses:

  • Data analytics – why and how? For both top and area managers: ideas, trends, concepts, principles, methodologies.
  • Visualisation and visual analytics
  • How to use Tableau efficiently for visual analysis?
  • How to use Microsoft Power BI efficiently for visual analysis?
  • Machine learning, concepts, approaches, algorithms, AWS, Azure, R, Python
  • Data warehousing (architectures, design, implementation), integration and migration projects, data quality topics
  • Customised solutions


Courses at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) by Kristian:

  • “Business Intelligence and Data Mining”
  • “Introduction to Data Analysis”


Kristian has repeatedly been awarded the titles of Favourite Subject and Favourite Lecturer for the “Digital Transformation in Business” master’s programme subject “Introduction to Data Analysis” at TalTech.

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