We help you achieve better business results by using your own data.



Our harvest in numbers:

90 solutions worked out
480 managers and data analysts trained
285 years of knowledge and experience

We are proud to be the certified partners of some of the world’s best software companies:

What makes us tick?

Back in 2014 we discovered that we can help growth companies improve their results with the help of data.

From then on, we have been the partner that repeatedly asks “why?” and “what if?” every time we’re given an initial task. This is how we arrive at the actual essence, the detail that generates the greatest benefit to our client.  

We see ourselves as clear guides who demystify the complexity of data projects and teach you to understand the business potential in using data properly. We believe that every manager should be able to quickly and simply analyse data that are relevant to them.

Luckily, our clients have also pointed out the high value of our data solutions – some business managers even say they can now sleep much better! 


We like to:

  • Ask meaningful, deep questions;
  • Detangle problems – break them into smaller pieces, while keeping the big picture in mind;
  • Spot anomalies, connections, patterns and trends.


Our team

We have all the competences and talents necessary for creating a data-based organisation:

A team of 20 experts:


...data architects

Such as Rauno, who translates your use cases into functional and data requirements. He knows that even though a tomato is a fruit, there’s no point in adding it to fruit salad.



Such as Janina, who writes code, interfaces and comes up with algorithms. She is afraid of snakes, but she quite likes Python.

...data analysts

Such as Diana, who helps to conceptualise the collected data and transmit it in a systematic manner. She likes mandarins almost as much as numbers. We’re not even sure why.

...project managers

Such as Kadri, who is always in the right place at the right time for you with her enthusiasm and knowledge, and who helps you to make the data-based transformation journey from start to finish.