Data Visualisations

Visualisation takes the meaning of data and makes it visible

The right colours and diagrams help you to instantly grasp the most important facts from any data, and they considerably speed up business decision-making.  

Comparisons, connections, contrasts, differences, causality, hierarchy, explanation, structure, patterns – we train you to see, understand and interpret your data with the help of modern visual analytics tools. 

How many threes can you see?


Real life facts

The human brain is incapable of processing unorganised and contextless data.

90% of information reaches the brain in visual format. Its processing is considerably more efficient compared to processing information in text format.

  • In which format do you use data?
  • How much information do you actually miss?
  • What about efficiency with large amounts of data?
  • How can you highlight what is important?
  • Different points of view?

Data visualisation can be very beneficial

  • Visualised data tell a story

    Data analysis is not just about testing hypotheses; it has become a visual way to analyse different business cases with the help of data.

  • Visualisation tools don’t require IT skills

    Modern solutions allow each manager and employee to generate useful views independently, just when they need them most. They do it on their mobile phone, tablet or a screen. 

    Visualisation makes the invisible visible and intuitively perceptible. Graphs, diagrams and figures help solve real-life problems and form a basis for better decision-making and better management.

How to get from data to visualisations?

Luckily, finding the best one from all the available visualisation tools has been made easy – Gartner and other authoritative survey companies have compared the functions, price and other aspects of different alternatives. 

The winners tend to be the same – Tableau and Microsoft are the undisputed leaders in the field of visualisation. We, too, prefer these two solutions thanks to their wide user base, constant innovation, ease of use and simplicity. 

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