Tableau – the best visual analytics solution for business users

In our opinion, both managers and specialists should be able to analyse data independently, quickly and simply. If business users can create their own reports, things no longer get “lost in translation”. Not to mention how much time and effort this saves everyone.

We love Tableau – as far as we are concerned, it is the best and most intuitive new generation data analysis and business intelligence software.

We are the official partner of Tableau in Estonia, and we can help you with licences, adoption and training.

With Tableau, even smaller companies can create a lot of value with their data.


Business intelligence (BI) does not have to be a privilege reserved for big players only. Small and medium-sized companies can also take advantage of world-class analysis tools to promote their business.

Tableau aims to make data analysis easy and simple for every user. It helps people to see and understand their data, solve problems by harnessing data and find answers to their questions.

Tableau is the leader in the field of BI

  • For the ninth year in a row, Gartner has ranked Tableau as the leader in the field of Business Intelligence. The coveted position was earned thanks to a wide user base, constant innovation, and ease of use and simplicity.  

  • G2 Crowd has described Tableau in their recent year reviews as the business analytics solution with the best format and highest customer satisfaction.

Would Tableau be a good fit for you? Yes, if you wish to…

  • …see how the end user can independently create value from data.
  • …find answers to complex business questions.
  • …analyse your business from different angles.
  • …expand the use of analytics in your organisation.
  • …understand how your company’s data could be used more efficiently.
  • …explore new ways to use your data.

Tableau offers role-based licences, according to users’ skills and areas of responsibility.

Tableau Creator

Creators build and curate analytical content. Their licence allows them to select data sources, cleanse and enrich data, create visuals and dashboards, etc.

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server /
    Tableau Online user
  • Tableau Prep
75 EUR

Tableau Explorer

Explorer licence holders have access to data collected by Creators, and extensive data analysis possibilities. Additionally, they can create dashboards and share them with others.

  • Tableau Server / Tableau Online user (minimum size = 5 users)
42 EUR

Tableau Viewer

Viewers can view published visualisations and dashboards, and configure automatic notifications about updates or alerts that are most relevant to their work.

  • Tableau Server / Tableau Online user (now also possible to buy a single use licence)
15 EUR
VAT will be added.

The products can be combined to match the company’s needs.

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