Something for more demanding users

Vertica is a column-based data analysis and warehousing platform that meets the needs of even the most demanding users.

As official distributors of Vertica, we can help you with licences as well as implementation, product support and user support training.


Datafruit is Vertica’s Platinum partner!

Kristian Allikmaa

Data Engineer

“Vertica is an efficient and modern data warehouse platform. It offers a broad set of analytical functions. It’s possible to run it on the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP). On top of all this, it is also easy to use!”

Vertica has a number of impressive properties:

  • Modern architecture
  • Column-based database system
  • Excellent performance (50-1000x growth!)
  • Supports real-time data processing
  • Scalability
  • A wide range of analytics functions (patterns, time series, geodata, text, etc.)
  • Efficient data compression (volume reduction up to 90%)
  • Flexible and affordable pricing based on data volume
  • Up to 1 TB of data with Vertica Community Edition licence (free)
  • Simple adoption
  • Robustness and flexibility
  • Standard SQL queries (ANSI SQL)
  • On-Premise / cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • MPP (massively parallel processing) opportunities
  • Integrations (BI tools, ETL tools, Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, etc.)
  • Machine learning functions (linear regression, logistic regression, k-means, Naïve Bayes, SVM, random forest, etc.)
  • Covers the entire machine learning process (data pre-processing, training of models and assessment of their quality, etc.)
  • Data anonymisation/pseudonymisation

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